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Step-by-step Guide in Using the WeePay Version 2 Facility:



Visit COCOPLANS Website at




Point your cursor arrow to the WeePay Icon on the bottom left portion of the mainsite & click the button.



On this page, you are required to indicate the amount you will be paying on the “ Amount box and put the following information on the “Particulars” box:

  • Type of Plan (i.e. Pension, Education or Optimax)
  • Contract Number Your Complete Name (Including your Middle Name)
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Your Landline Number (if applicable)

Do not write anything under the “Account Number” box as this will be automatically provided by the system.

Kindly review all the information you have previously provided. If you need to change anything, just delete and replace it with the correct one. After everything else has been verified, click the “Submit” button.



Check all the information shown under Payment Details and if everything is in order, proceed by indicating your Full Name (First, Middle and Last) and e-mail address. Then choose the affiliation of your bank (Bancnet, Megalink or ExpressNet) under the Bank Network drop down button. Check all information provided before clicking on the “Next” button.



On this page, you will choose from the drop down menu under “Bank” your bank name where your ATM account is being maintained. After doing this, click on the “Submit” button if you want to proceed or the “Cancel” button if you want to cancel the transaction.



You will now need to put the ATM card number, the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the type of account (Savings or Current) of your ATM account. Then click on the “pay” button if you want to proceed or “Cancel” button if you want to cancel the transaction.



This page will confirm the transaction made and will also serve as your proof of payment. Click the “Print” button if you want to have a copy of this page and then click the “Continue” button in order for the system to send a report of this transaction to your email account and also to notify us of your payment.



This page will show the amount deducted from your account and proof that the payment report was sent to your email account.