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Cocoplans Celebrates 16th Anniversary

October 18, 2010 marks Cocoplansí 16th anniversary in the Pre-need Industry. Hailed as the Hall of Fame awardee for the Most Outstanding Pre-need Plans Provider by the Consumers Union of the Philippines (CUP), Cocoplans has proven itself to be more than just a company that sells pension, education and life plans but a partner to Filipino families in their pursuit for a better life.

Cocoplans headed by President Caesar T. Michelena began its mission of providing a better and brighter future for the Filipino families as its operations commenced on May 1994 and formally when the company was launched on October 18 of the same year. From its modest beginning through its first product pension plans, the company grew rapidly in the next few years until it offered education plans in the year 1997. Cocoplans was able to establish several business centers nationwide while steadily increasing its asset base and trust fund.

As part of its business of ensuring the financial security of the Filipino through pre-need plans, the company offers products that fit the needs, preferences and capabilities of a wide spectrum of consumers. Part of Cocoplans' secret of success is getting it right the first time. From the features of its products, ensuring a stable investment and great benefits to its clients to the full computerization of its operations, making transactions convenient and worry-free, Cocoplans management has always exercised excellent judgment and foresight. The company also endeavors to build a strong, customer-oriented and globally-competitive organization committed to be the leader in the pre-need industry.

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